Soundside Park in Surf City

Located by the swing bridge, this park features a children’s playground with slides, climbing areas, and swings; covered picnic areas; public restrooms; fishing areas; and pier areas for walking and fishing.

Kenneth D. Batts Park

This park offers a children’s playground with a slide and swings, a covered picnic area, a basketball court, restroom, and a pier for walking and fishing.

Surf City Community Center

This community center provides a wonderful location in mainland Surf City for a variety of weekly and/or daily spring and summer camps for children and teens! These include Basketball Camps with Offshore Sports as well as Indoor Soccer Camps and more!

Nelva R. Albury Recreation Area

Located in northern Surf City on the corner of Hwy 210 & Broadway St., here you can find a children’s playground with public restrooms with nearby public beach access areas.

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